Mel Gibson Visits St. Gregory Armenian Catholic Church

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Mel Gibson Visits St. Gregory Armenian Catholic Church

Mel Gibson paid a visit to St. Gregory Armenian Catholic Church in Glendale on Sunday, January 29.

Armenian Film Society reached out to singer Antoine Bezdjian who shared a picture with the actor and director for comment. Mel Gibson visited the diocesan center, had a meeting with His Most Reverend Excellency Mikael Mouradian, expressed about the Armenian Catholic Liturgy, and participated in Holy Mass at the Cathedral of Saint Gregory the Illuminator.

Mel Gibson who won two Academy Awards for his work on BRAVEHEART, which won Best Picture in 1996. In October 2020, he released a statement regarding the attacks on Artsakh, expressing solidarity with the Armenian people. “I am very saddened to hear of the recent conflict in Artsakh and Armenia. I have many friends in the U.S., and they’ve all told me of your flight, your loss of life. I’ve always had a great deal of love and respect for the Armenian people, a people of great resilience, of great heart, and the grace to deal with great hardship, as history has shown,” Gibson said. “As a nation and people, I know that you know who God is, and that there is absolutely no limit to His Capabilities. I pray for you in this time of trouble, and pray that He helps you, and I also pray that a peaceful solution can be reached, and that the great powers of the world will step in, recognize your situation and help you achieve that peace. Stay strong, keep heart, and God bless you.”