Armen Sarkissian and Tetris

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Armen Sarkissian and Tetris

Former President of Armenia has penned an article in The Hollywood Reporter.

In the article, Armen Sarkissian writes about his reaction to the trailer of the upcoming film, TETRIS, and about his involvement in the world of video games.

Armen Sarkissian, along with Sergei Utkin and Vyacheslav Tsoy co-invented Wordtris, a follow-up to the popular game, Tetris. "Wordtris, born roughly at the same time as Tetris, emerged out of a project I spearheaded in the early 1980s to invent a fax machine capable of translating information from one language into another during transmission. I was a young professor of theoretical physics at Yerevan State University, where I had founded the department of mathematical modeling of complex systems. My partners — Sergei Utkin and Vjacheslav Tsoy — were scientists based in Moscow." The object of the game was to build words of three letters or more using tiles that would fall from the top of the playing area. Wordtris was purchased and marketed in the US.

Armen Sarkissian also shares that Steve Jobs approached him afterward to rework the game to include on the Mac as an educational program.

TETRIS releases on Apple TV+ on March 31, 2023.